Google and K2 Partnership

Streamline Automation and Simplify Workflows with Google Cloud and K2

K2 has partnered with Google Cloud to streamline how businesses connect and manage content in Google Drive. Enterprises can leverage the two technologies to use data, both structured and unstructured, to build workflows across systems, humans, and teams. The combination also provides IT teams with the ability to track end-to-end content management processes regardless of tasks and systems involved to optimize performance.

Preserve the Google Cloud experience while connecting content inside Google Drive to other content management systems so the right content is delivered to the right user at the right time. Together, K2 and Google Cloud simplify complex workflows and management of all your data in one, centralized place.

Make the most out of K2 and Google Cloud

Build powerful business apps that integrate with Google Cloud  
Use content in Google Cloud to build and deploy intelligent, content-centric process applications that fit an organization’s unique business needs. Streamline content-centric workflows with K2, Google Drive, Google Forms, and TensorFlow.  
Connect unstructured and structured data   
Discover, manage, and connect all your content from on-premises and cloud-based applications into one place for easier discoverability and searchability.   
Orchestrate work  
Most organizations have hundreds to thousands of workflows. Manage the flow of work across all tasks: human, AI, and system-based.   
Track end-to-end content management processes  
Get insights into the information, decisions, and status of any content management process so you can optimize content and automate faster and smarter.


Modernizing your Content Services Strategy for the Digital Age on May 16, 2019

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