UiPath and K2 Partnership

Powering Human-Centric Automation with K2 & UiPath 

Deliver Transformative Results at Scale

K2 and UiPath have partnered to provide businesses with true end-to-end intelligent automation solutions. By combining the strengths of robotic process automation (RPA) and digital process automation (DPA), organizations can use robots to start or update inflight K2 processes or call on a UiPath robot to fully automate tasks.

Businesses can build and deploy powerful business applications with K2’s native integration to UiPath while opening up and allowing customers to identify new ways to use robots to complete repetitive, manual tasks. Doing this allows organizations to streamline, automate, and improve processes that span humans, robots, and applications in an agile and efficient way. Together, K2 and UiPath provides companies a full lifecycle automation approach for all their business needs so they focus on achieving intelligent automation at scale.

Do More with UiPath, with Digital Process Automation from K2 

Accelerate Digital Transformation
Build and deploy process applications using robots to streamline business efficiency. Identify new areas where UiPath robots can replace human processing.

Handle Robotic Exceptions
UiPath robots can reduce human errors in manual processes, and K2 can ensure robots don’t fail by getting the right person involved at the right time.

Integrate More Systems
K2 processes can easily integrate a wider range of line-of-business and legacy systems that aren’t easily accessible via an API in UiPath.

Modernize Legacy Systems
Use new technologies like UiPath and K2 together to breathe life into legacy systems by implementing modern UI practices to increase both employee and customer satisfaction.

Use Cases 

Account Management
Expense Claim Management
Master Data Management
Invoice Processing
How it Works

See how UiPath and K2 help accounts payable manage lost invoices, data entry errors, and delayed approvals more efficiently.

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