Technology Alliance

Achieve Full End-to-End Business Automation with RPA and Low-Code 

When combined with the power of K2, the industry’s leading low-code development platform for digital process automation (DPA) and Blue Prism, the global leader in robotic process automation (RPA) technology, organizations are positioned to deliver true end-to-end business automation. Companies using K2 and Blue Prism’s will be able to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives and streamline business efficiency. 
Bring your digital workforce into a workflow seamlessly with K2 and Blue Prism. Use Blue Prism Digital Workers to kick off or update existing processes and automate manual, repetitive tasks. K2’s process orchestration engine can work with the digital workforce to prompt humans to help ensure tasks are being completed accurately. Together, K2 and Blue Prism provide organizations the tools to build and deploy process applications that connect their human and digital workforce with their business systems and applications. 

Combine Your Digital Workforce with Powerful Workflows 

Streamline Process Automation 

Build and deploy businesses applications with the help of a digital workforce to achieve operational efficiencies across your processes.  

Reduce Errors 
Increase accuracy with both your human and digital workforce. K2 can help ensure your Digital Workers’ tasks are executed flawlessly. 
Perform More High-value Work 

Leveraging Digital Workers to complete manual tasks opens up opportunities for humans to focus on completing more high-value projects. 

Innovate Existing Systems and Workflows 

Modernize your technology stack by incorporating systems like RPA and DPA to achieve greater operational efficiency, improved customer experiences, and accelerated digital transformation. 

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