bSOLVe implements and develops software to help knowledge workers make sense of an increasingly information-rich environment. We do this through a dedication to solving real-world business problems by applying logical, systems-based thinking. We do this by identifying, developing and implementing tools that enable people to interact with information in the following ways:

  • Consume - Smooth the process of finding, identifying and viewing information.
  • Share -  Enable people to work better together by sharing knowledge, skills and insight.
  • Direct - Make information useful by moving it to the right person, place or time.
  • Analyse - Enable insight by presenting information in an organised, usable way.
  • Act on - Simplify decision-making by providing links between information sources and the ability to take action.

The company was formed in 2001 by founders Martin Hattingh, Simon Hepburn and Charles Ritchie. Having identified a select set Microsoft technologies within which to specialise, bSOLVe's vision has been to apply these technologies to add tangible value within business context, with exceptional technical acumen as the enabler. Our core business has evolved in this focused way into its current form: specialisation in Information Worker Solutions, a competency held within Microsoft's Partner Program. More specifically, we possess extensive skills and experience in using Microsoft SharePoint and K2 as our tool of choice in solving business problems.


Western Cape, South Africa

Partner Type

  • Value Added Reseller (VAR)


  • Tech & Telcom