Who We Are
In early 2006, AMN was born with one vision: to be a company that provides information system solutions for businesses. We understand that businesses need accurate, complete, relevant and on-time information in every step of the way. AMN provides products and services that solve information problems that occur in business.

Collaborative eBusiness System
Collaborative eBusiness System (CES) is a business-to-business (B2B) communication system that operates in the internet environment. CES was built to enhance the effectiveness of supply chain management. CES has been implemented and integrated to the legacy system in one of the biggest cement companies in the world.

Enterprise Resource Planning
Enterprise Resource Planning is an integrated information system used to manage the entire business process. AMN develops web-based Enterprise Resource Planning that covers sales, purchasing, inventory, production and financial accounting subsystem.

Custom Software Development
Businesses need a specific solution for a specific problem.  We  provide this service to deliver custom information system solutions. We use a combination of software engineering methodology to satisfy customer needs.

Enterprise Application Integration
Companies around the world implement software products that solve many problems.  Modern management needs collaborated information that are gathered from various software. Enterprise application integration is a service that solves this problem. 

Software Development Outsourcing
We provide service for our customers that need to outsource their software development project. Our team has been trained to provide the best software quality that meet customer requirment.

In 2008, Microsoft Indonesia and USAID (Senada Project) held a business innovation competition. The award was called IMULAI 2.0 and AMN was one of the three winners.

Collaborative eBusiness System has won the Indonesia ICT Award 2010 (INAICTA 2010) for the category e-business for enteprise customers.


West Java, Indonesia

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