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WALK Places Critical Risk Management Solution in the Hands of K2 Cloud

Press Release
Ireland-based charity selects K2 to scale its risk management solution to empower people with disabilities

LONDON -- November 12, 2019 -- SourceCode Technology Holdings, Inc., the maker of K2 Software and a leader in low-code application development, announced that WALK, a charity focused on empowering people with disabilities, has selected K2 to build end-to-end processes for creating, sharing and updating personal risk assessments.

The K2 risk management process plays a key role in helping WALK to ensure that the vulnerable adults it supports are safe and able to take informed risks while working towards their individual goals. As a result, personal risk assessments are kept up-to-date and accurately reflective of the needs of the individual at any given time. 

"As an organisation, we require systems and processes in place that enable us to consistently support people to take steps towards independence and self-determination more quickly,” said Sandy Brain, Quality Coordinator at WALK. "After selecting a pre-built solution, it was clear we needed a more robust platform that would adapt to changes in our organisational structure without compromising the support we offer people."

By using K2’s low-code development platform, WALK has been able to achieve:

  1. - Prioritisation of what is most important: Employees at WALK can manage their time more efficiently by automating routine tasks. Time saved can be redirected to front line support and other high-priority tasks.
    - Standardisation of processes: Using K2 has enabled WALK to save time and money by ensuring all risk management operations follow a uniform and automated procedure. 
    - Visibility across the organization: With K2, managers can make faster, better-informed decisions to improve the quality of life for people supported.
    “We are proud to partner with WALK to help them streamline their processes, removing manual work and ensuring timely access to accurate information and ultimately continuing to provide world-class support for those with disabilities,” said Andrew Murphy, Vice President, EMEA at K2. We believe in WALK’s mission and are focused on helping the organisation enable staff to spend less time on administration and more time on maintaining a high-quality environment for the people WALK supports."

Following the success of the risk management process, WALK has developed additional K2-based workflows, including one for handling maintenance requests. This new workflow is saving a significant amount of time, as maintenance lists no longer have to be manually created. Progress and updates are available immediately to all managers across the 16 support locations. Weekly and monthly reports are readily available without the need for a cumbersome paperwork system.