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PSBJ: This cloud company's $100m round just became $153m


It was impressive when Bellevue-based cloud management company K2 announced last month it had raised more than $100 million, but now we’re learning the software company’s round ended upcoming in at $153 million.

That’s downright massive.

These kinds of rounds are what you expect from Silicon Valley tech companies, but they’re still pretty rare here in the Seattle area.

Just a handful of local companies have passed the $100 million mark in recent years, including Adaptive Biotechnologies, PayScale and Avalara. Juno Therapeutics, a rising star in the biotech world, raised a $176 million round shortly before going public.

A K2 spokeswoman said the $153 million round we're seeing today is what the company was previously referring to when it said the company told media that it had raised "well over" $100 million.

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