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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

SOHO Global Health and K2 partner to Power Next Phase of Growth in Indonesia’s Pharmaceuticals

INDONESIA - September 7, 2015 - SOHO Global Health, a leading pharmaceutical company in Indonesia, today announced further investments in K2, an enterprise business application platform as its business technology of choice to fuel its next phase of growth.

Together with its wholly-owned companies, SOHO Global Health develops, manufactures and markets evidence based natural medicine and over-the-counter products, primarily for the Indonesian market.

Since 2012, K2 has helped SOHO Global Health to streamline business processes and improve productivity across the enterprise. Leveraging K2’s flexible yet powerful platform, SOHO Global Health has embraced a high performance work culture, where employees are empowered to reach across departments and lines of business to deliver the right people  the right information to make smart data-driven decisions.

SOHO Global Health now looks to invest further into K2 to acquire ERP integration capabilities to complete its vision to establish a dynamic IT platform for its growth ambition in the future.

The Executive Vice President of Business Technology and CIO of SOHO Global Health, Denny Charlie said “Our technology architecture direction is placing the enterprise-wide business process management platform not only to do process orchestration on top of ERP while maintaining our ERP lean, but also empowering external applications to drive growth across our portfolios. Hence, IT is more productive with less platforms to manage, while business users will experience a universal interface and run the business as simple as possible. Transforming K2 into an integral part of our business technology landscape is crucial and we have been well-served by K2 over the years through the streamlining of forms and workflows that spans across the company”.

“Efficient and optimised business processes are key to maintaining a competitive edge for pharmaceutical companies in emerging markets, and this is true for Indonesia. In a crowded industry with increasing market demands, technology that allows a company to execute efficiently and effectively, and to meet regulatory compliance, is becoming critical to sustainable growth,” said Weng Him Koh, SVP of Asia Pacific for K2. “We are grateful to have the opportunity to contribute to SOHO Global Health’s success. We look forward to play a greater role in helping SOHO Global Health build business applications that deliver results.”

About SOHO Global Health:

SOHO Global Health (www.sohoglobalhealth.com) is one of Indonesia’s largest pharmaceutical companies with operations in manufacturing, commercialisation and provisioning of health products and services. Among SOHO Global Health’s principal products includes natural and traditional medicine products, medical equipment, raw material trading as well as logistics services.

About K2:

K2 (www.k2.com) provides an enterprise technology platform to build and run business applications, including forms, workflow, data and reports. More than 2000 companies in 80 countries worldwide rely on K2 to streamline operations, reduce cost and minimise risk. K2 is a division of SourceCode Technology Holdings, Inc. based in Redmond, Washington and has offices across Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific.