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K2 Announces K2 Nexus, a Modern, Cloud-based Platform and Suite of Solutions to Achieve Operational Excellence and Competitive Advantage

Press Release
Next-generation Intelligent Process Automation platform and solutions seamlessly connects, automates and orchestrates work across people, processes and systems to drive improved business results

BELLEVUE, Wash -- July 15, 2020 - K2, a leader in intelligent process automation, today announced K2 Nexus, the next generation, cloud-based intelligent process automation platform and a suite of solutions, to enable enterprises to transform their business operations. By seamlessly connecting and orchestrating work across people, processes and systems, K2 Nexus can help companies deliver exceptional customer experiences and business results.

For most companies, operational processes are still very fragmented, manual and siloed across their organizations. Disconnected workflows and lack of visibility hinder businesses from meeting critical compliance requirements, making real-time business decisions and causing operational inefficiencies.

“Process automation remains at the heart of digital transformation. For many, the scale of automation required to meet the challenge will outstrip their traditional development approaches. ...Attempting to drive digital transformation on top of inefficient, ineffective, and often manual processes will not only fail but also expose companies’ operational warts to the world. If the competition can onboard a customer in 5 minutes on a mobile device while your process executes over the course of multiple days with little or no visibility into status, you will likely not survive the current digital shift,” wrote Rob Koplowitz, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research in a recent report.* 

K2 Nexus helps organizations to deliver transformative automation to drive business results that matter most, such as profitability, productivity and exceptional customer service. Through its patented cloud integration services, K2 Nexus helps companies remove silos of data by connecting and streamlining information flow across systems, and enabling organizations to quickly adapt to change. Only K2 Nexus can help companies deliver solutions that handle the complexities of connecting people, processes and data with little to no-code required.

“Process automation is currently experiencing a watershed moment, especially as companies look to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives,” said Burley Kawasaki, chief product officer at K2. “K2 Nexus is not just about automating individual tasks, but rather connecting all of the structured and unstructured data, people, processes and systems. K2 Nexus is designed to help customers achieve transformative automation by orchestrating complex processes from end-to-end, providing transparency and real-time insights.”

“The Food Standards Agency had a major challenge in collecting data across 200 remotely distributed abattoirs throughout England and Wales,” said David Brown, senior applications manager, Food Standards Agency. “It was difficult to receive, consolidate and validate the data back in the office - a huge administration task. K2 Nexus will dramatically improve the way data is collected across the organization and improve how we apply the data to make real-time decisions. Before, everything was manual, but with the introduction of K2, we can now work a lot more real-time so any notifiable diseases identified in an abattoir can be automatically processed through our alert system.”

Key benefits of K2 Nexus include the following:

  • Improve customer experience and satisfaction - By automating the underlying operational processes that connect employees with customers. Easily connect multiple sources of data to deliver relevant information in an intuitive way to make informed decisions, anytime, anywhere.
  • Remove silos of information and streamline work - Drive organizational efficiency by orchestrating and managing people, tasks, data and processes to provide end-to-end process visibility.
  • Deliver business outcomes quickly - By spending less time on the development and maintenance of proprietary, custom-coded solutions.
  • Provide enterprise-grade automation for the masses - Access to enterprise-grade architecture, scalability, functionality and security at a much affordable price.


The K2 Nexus platform, which combines industry-leading process automation with an open, modern cloud integration service to remove the cost and complexity of building point-to-point integrations, is available today. The new platform provides a powerful way to rapidly build secure and flexible integrations from the cloud using JavaScript and open standards such as OpenAPI and OpenID specifications. By combining traditional development with the ease of low-code capabilities, K2 Nexus helps companies accelerate their digital transformation, providing no-code, visual designers that make it easy to design and configure process automation workflows and forms. 

In the fall, the K2 Nexus Application Framework will be launched and will allow organizations to rapidly configure new case management-based apps without coding and visually assemble end-to-end solutions from configurable components and templates. This is supported by robust Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) services, which enable agile DevOps practices and speed time to value.

In Q1, 2021, K2 Nexus solutions, a suite of pre-built industry apps and services built on the new Nexus architecture, will be launched. These apps will be powered by new K2 Nexus AI services with embedded pre-trained models and cognitive services to deliver smarter and more intelligent outcomes. K2 Nexus Apps will provide out-of-the-box rapid deployments that can be configured with the K2 Nexus platform and tools, and easily extended with components from K2 and from the ecosystem available via the K2 Nexus Marketplace.

“We’ve been delivering K2 solutions to enterprise customers for many years and are excited about the deliberate focus to accelerate time-to-market and value,” said Shaun Leisegang, CEO at rapidMATION. “We believe K2 Nexus will be a game-changer. This new next-generation platform and solutions will allow more businesses - both large and medium-sized enterprises - to leverage and expand their intelligent process automation solutions built on K2.”

To learn more about K2 Nexus:

*Report: Create A Governance Strategy To Meet The Process Imperative, Forrester Research, Inc., May 21, 2020