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K2 Partners with Dropbox to Help Customers Build and Implement More Powerful Workflows

Press Release

The partnership enables enterprises to simplify complex workflows and accelerate digital transformation

Seattle, Wash. -- May 7, 2019 -- SourceCode Technology Holdings, Inc., the maker of K2 Software and the leader in low-code development for digital process automation (DPA), today announced a partnership with leading global collaboration platform Dropbox, Inc. to streamline the way businesses connect and manage information across line-of-business (LOB) systems regardless of where the data originates. 

K2 and Dropbox have a joint vision to help companies, large and small, work smarter by simplifying complex workflows through intelligent automation. This is achieved by connecting data from across the entire customer journey and applying machine learning to automate tasks that are repetitious, only bubbling up high-value moments for human interaction.

“Partnering with K2 means our joint customers will be able to get work done more efficiently, using tools they love,” said Billy Blau, Global Head of Business Development and Partnerships for Dropbox. “We look forward to providing our users more ways to quickly streamline complex tasks and we’re impressed with K2 workflow capabilities.”

As more and more companies migrate their content to the cloud, it’s critical that they approach automation across the customer journey from the lens of cloud-first, user-first. Jointly, K2 and Dropbox empower customers to:

  • Simplify integration with popular LOB systems.
  • Manage the flow of work across AI, human and system-based tasks in one place regardless of internal content and collaboration tools.
  • Modernize enterprise content management (ECM) using DPA solutions and track information, decisions and status of end-to-end content management processes.

“By partnering with Dropbox, we can deliver a deep level of granular data in one central repository to drive transparency across the organization,” said Eyal Inbar, Vice President of Strategic Alliances. “Together, we have the opportunity to fundamentally change how users discover, share, and collaborate to make powerful business decisions to drive impactful customer experiences.”