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EnterpriseAppsTech: Employees building their own enterprise apps


It’s the usual rigmarole; the business needs apps to fulfil its tasks more easily, but IT, who still has one eye on keeping the lights on, can’t keep up.

Rather than sit in silence, employees are looking for their own solutions, and in some case building their own applications, according to a new report from K2.

The report, of more than 2000 US adults, cites the entrepreneurial spirit of today’s workforce alongside the increased prevalence of freemium tools in driving this trend. Looking at the results more closely however, it remains a minority who feels they – and IT – can’t cope with the demand placed on businesses by mobility.

71% of respondents agreed they already had the software at their disposal to solve business problems; 67% believed their IT department would adequately equip them with the tools they need in the next 12 months; and 63% said they could easily get their work done using current enterprise apps, such as Salesforce and DocuSign.

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