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CIO: Why workers want self-service IT


The pendulum is in full swing toward employees empowered to make tech choices at work and away from traditional IT departments. A new survey found that workers are seeking self-service IT, driven in large part by cool consumer tech, "freemium" cloud services and an autocratic IT department whose slow, conservative ways aren't able to keep up with the urgent demand of business technology.

In addition to using strong passwords, you need to prepare your network for these types of attacks.

"We're seeing a huge shift in the way enterprises define and enable 'efficiency,'" says CEO Adriaan van Wyk at K2, a business applications vendor that commissioned Harris Poll to survey more than 700 U.S. office workers. "It's no longer about deploying uniform business solutions across departments, but rather letting go of the reins and allowing employees to discover and use independent solutions on their own."

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