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CIO: 20 Cloud Deployment Mistakes to Avoid


On average, cloud deployments don’t go well. According to a THINKstrategies and INetU survey on enterprise migration to the cloud, 70 percent of respondents admitted they had to change their cloud design during the migration. More than half made adjustments within the first six months, 43 percent of the cloud projects failed or stalled, and close to half required an increase in budget within six months.

Nobody plans for problems that early and that often. To learn what we can do to improve our success rate, CIO.com asked experts, “What are the most common cloud deployment mistakes?” Here are their answers and advice.

16: Underestimating costs

“Failing to do proper cost planning often results in unpleasant surprises when the bill shows up,” said Gerardo Dada (@GerardoDada), VP of product marketing and strategy,SolarWinds.

“The lure is understandable. It’s easy and inexpensive to put a lot of data in a public cloud. So much so that many organizations adopt cloud solutions at the department level, adding to [them] progressively over time,” said Jeff Flowers (@Storiant), CEO and co-founder, Storiant.

”If there are no proper processes in place to monitor and control cost, it can run away from you very quickly,” warned Koos du Preez (@K2onK2), CTO, K2.

“Companies can avoid the mistake [of cost overrun and data lock-in] by centrally planning and implementing a private cloud strategy that delivers the same scalability and economics of public cloud, but without the liabilities,” Flowers continued.

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