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Baseline: Why BYOA Workers Are Circumventing IT


Inspired by the "Bring Your Own Applications" (BYOA) movement, many of today's workers are bypassing the IT organization to get the technology tools they need, according to a recent survey conducted by the Harris Poll for K2. The majority of respondents said they're using free and available online tools outside of those licensed by IT in order to get their jobs done. They believe that enterprise users should have the power to build solutions and applications as business demands require. Timeliness plays a significant factor here, as many of these users said IT is too swamped to respond to their requests quickly enough to meet their needs. Today's workforce "is constantly pushing the boundaries to find new and better ways to work smarter and get business done faster," says Adriaan van Wyk, K2's CEO. "As a result, there is an unprecedented and almost overwhelming demand on IT departments around the world to develop hundreds, if not thousands, of customized solutions for their organizations. … It's no longer about deploying uniform business solutions across departments, but rather letting go of the reins and allowing employees to discover and use independent solutions on their own." A total of 733 U.S. workers took part in the research.

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