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Angel Trains Leverages K2 Software to Accelerate Company-Wide Process Automation

Press Release
Angel Trains optimises business efficiency by automating key processes throughout its organization with K2

LONDON, Dec. 03, 2019 -- SourceCode Technology Holdings, Inc., the maker of K2 Software and a leader in low-code process automation, announced that Angel Trains, one of the UK’s leading train leasing companies, has selected K2 to enhance efficiency and reduce risk around its end-to-end approval processes.

Angel Trains has successfully implemented and launched K2’s platform to improve the rigor of its business processes replacing an in-house legacy system. By integrating K2 with their business systems, Angel Trains has been able to simplify their existing IT landscape while significantly improving their ability to respond to the business’ demands. Their ability to now rapidly develop and deploy applications in a fraction of the time of using traditional development methods has had a significant cost savings impact across the business.

“Angel Trains is delighted to collaborate with K2 and innovate the way we modernise our business processes,” said Liam Stirling, head of information technology at Angel Trains. “K2’s powerful automation platform gave us a clear path for integration with our existing IT landscape while also making it significantly easier to build out and manage new processes.”

By using K2’s software, Angel Trains was able to complete the entire development of its authorisation process with its small IT team, in just 25 man-days. The team estimates they can now process tasks in a quarter of the time it took to complete projects on their traditional system enabling the business to reduce overall operating costs. 

“Angel Trains selection of K2 reflects a broader trend and the shift a growing number of businesses are making to maximize their ROI by increasing the level of automation across the enterprise,” said Andrew Murphy, vice president of EMEA at K2. “Efficiency, rapid deployment and scalability are at the core of K2’s platform and enable us to deliver world-class customer experiences that improve our customer's overall productivity.”