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VentureBeat: BYOA: a new generation of tools


In a hyper-connected world where increased connectivity is the norm, the way we think about productivity has changed. These days, we not only expect people to be constantly accessible, but we have become accustomed to the ability to solve a given problem at a moment’s notice. Technology is fueling these expectations, especially in the workplace. With the cloud, information is always accessible and with increased mobility, it’s available when and where we need.

The technology enabling this enhanced productivity – coupled with a workforce that is increasingly self-sufficient and entrepreneurial – is what’s fueling something called bring your own application (BYOA) phenomenon. We’re encountering a new generation of workers who see a problem, want to fix it, and will go build or create the necessary tool themselves and move on instead of waiting for an IT supported and “approved” application to be built for them.

Nurturing a BYOA culture in your organization leads to greater productivity and benefits including innovation, happy customers and engaged employees. But, as most CIOs fear, this new phenomenon can become a double-edged sword without proper governance. The key is to give your people the freedom to solve problems, while still implementing a set of guidelines that work to create accountability, especially in organizations and industries that may require more security.

With that in mind, there are four questions to consider when creating a productive and worthwhile BYOA culture.

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