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PSBJ: Why Windows 10 in the cloud is good for Microsoft and Seattle


Microsoft has already said that this will be the last version of Windows – the company does not intend to do the big OS roll-out again. In the future, Microsoft will do small code updates rather than one big release.

That’s good news for the hundreds of local companies that sell and service Microsoft products.

Cloud management companies are springing up all over the place to help companies shift their IT to the cloud and then manage it once it’s there. It’s a big, new business that, for the most part, didn’t exist a few years ago.

Bellevue-based K2, which builds a system to manage applications in Microsoft’s cloud system Azure and Amazon’s AWS, has grown its research and development team more than 300 percent, and sees a huge opportunity for cloud management services.

“People care less about the OS on their desktops today. They want to access apps and services on their phones and tablets,” said K2 co-founder and CEO Adriaan Van Wyk. “Microsoft should focus aggressively on Azure and then a platform for enabling that, combined with delivering world-class apps across platforms and operating systems like they are doing with OneNote and Office.”

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