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One-on-One with BPM Vendor K2’s Executives


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In the first part of this report, Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) zoomed in on the business process management (BPM) vendor K2, focusing on the business strategies and products that have allowed the vendor to become a serious contender in the BPM space. In this second part, TEC recently spoke to K2’s top executives to get an insider view of the company’s mission and vision for the future.
TEC: Which regions and industry segments have been most active of late? What do you foresee in the next 12 to 18 months—more of the same or not?
K2: We see tremendous growth in departmental solutions across industries—from finance, HR, sales and marketing, to operations, and purchasing. This continues to shift as the business (LoB) places more emphasis on driving the business decisions without IT (ability for the LoB to build apps for themselves as an example). The demands from each of the functional areas of the business are creating more of a need for self-service and access to data/information. From an industry perspective, we are seeing growth in manufacturing, financial services, oil and gas, health care, and the public sector. We are also seeing growth in Asia, Europe, and Latin America increasing in the next 12 to 18 months based on continued growth in our partner ecosystem.
TEC: What are your high-volume analytics (i.e., big data), social, and mobility strategies, and are there any generally available offerings?
K2: We are a consumer of big data and can use data sources to trigger action or to ensure that the right people have the right information when making decisions that affect the business. For example, a trending topic on Twitter can be combined with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) data to help a business ensure that pricing decisions are effectively managed in real time. It really is about assembling business apps on top of big data as well as automating the processes that would allow our customers to react and respond to information immediately. K2’s technology called SmartObjects is focused on tapping into data sources in a rich, easy, and intuitive way, and then logically consolidating information from across data sources into things that make sense for businesspeople. We do not currently provide predictive analytics within K2 blackpearl, but do allow for integration with third-party products and will trigger events based upon user-definable rules.
From a social, mobile, and collaboration standpoint, the core of the K2 platform differentiation is that users can collaborate regardless of the environment. Today, K2’s free Mobile Worklist app provides a rich set of capabilities for users involved in K2 processes directly from the mobile device; this includes iOS, Android, and BlackBerry apps as well as Windows 8 preview.
TEC: Are there any evident remaining white spaces (functional gaps, based on customer inquiries and competitive face-offs) in your offering and how do you plan to fill them?
K2: We continue to evolve our current offerings with an agile/Scrum engineering model. Our customer, partner, and developer ecosystem is extremely robust within the forums of K2 Underground, where we are able to keep pulse with our customers; in many instances the ecosystem addresses questions directly. Our technology platform and offerings continue to evolve to meet the business requirements today and in-step with horizon offerings to meet where the market is going (an example is a platform-as-service/software-as-a-service [PaaS/SaaS] model development). We will be sharing further information during our upcoming User Conference in March.