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ICMI: Dynamic Applications: Why Software-Defined Organizations are on Their Way Out


Our lives have become dictated by the latest technologies, with providers offering us solutions and applications that we never knew we needed.  As a result, our corporate models have mimicked the convenience and pace at which we live our day-to-day lives to match how we conduct business. In a world that’s become increasingly mobile, the changing workforce requires faster, more agile software. 

An industry shift has noted that the software-defined organization is quickly becoming extinct. Now more than ever, software must be nimble, flexible and dynamic enough to meet the rapid transformation of businesses within every industry, from retail to manufacturing, banking and beyond. Speed and agility are no longer luxuries but must-haves in a fast-paced business environment filled with a new generation of workers who demand flexibility. Even the hardware that used to “keep the lights on” is being transformed into software – running instead on virtual environments that allow constant modification with little downtime. Companies that remain outdated and stick with monolithic transactional systems are slating themselves into catastrophic customer service mishaps and will find themselves a step behind not only the industry, but their competitors. 

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