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ICMI: Improving the Customer Experience with Smart Process Applications


This is an age of customer service, and businesses have more pressure than ever to deliver convenient, fast and accessible customer solutions. With the touch of a button or swipe of a screen, consumers gain instant access to any information they demand, at the exact moment they demand it. Social, apps and one-click purchasing are fundamentally changing the way consumers interact with businesses. In fact, customer service expectations are so great that businesses often struggle to succeed – 24/7 service is expected, immediate follow-up is demanded and any business misstep is recorded in the public eye for all to view.  Those who wish to stay ahead of the competition know it’s vital to deliver an exceptional experience for their connected consumers.

A new generation of applications has emerged to meet the evolving demands, making it easier to support highly variable, people-intensive business activities. They’re called Smart Process Applications - or SPAs. In a recent AIIM study supported by K2, information professionals weighed in on the capabilities of SPAs, including specific use case experiences, drivers for improved case management tools, and feature sets needed for modern case management. 

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