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Entrepreneur: How Tech Can Help You Manage Business at the Speed of Your People


There’s a school of thought that says the best leaders hire great people, and then get the heck out of their way. But that’s a management philosophy that’s far easier said than done.

Bringing the best people on board and getting them to do their best work involves including the flexibility to innovate and a collaborative workplace culture where company vision and resources are designed to keep everyone energized and aligned on business goals.

In working closely with dozens of CEOs and executives over the years, I’ve seen again and again how choices around technology are among the most important in creating this optimal environment for innovation and productivity. This is especially true in light of the high competencies and expectations today’s workers have around technology to begin with.

The current labor force is indeed bringing greater technical savvy and a more entrepreneurial spirit to the marketplace than ever before. These folks are motivated to identify and solve problems immediately, and they use technology to do this whether they’re at home or at work. Significantly, they expect employers to bridge these two worlds as well.

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