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CMSWire: The Enterprise of the Future: Not as Cloudy as You Think?


Jonathan King, vice president of Technology at K2, a business process application software company that provides workflow solutions around SharePoint and others, said, “For the vast majority of organizations that I talk to when they outline their cloud strategy they are actually referring to their hybrid strategy. Their approach to cloud falls broadly into three areas, it’s how they can shift commodity services such as email, unified communications and collaboration to the cloud; taking cloud first approaches to re-platforming decisions such as evaluating Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Salesforce when looking at CRM systems; and taking advantage of new value-added services that would have either been cost or resource prohibitive had they been on-premises based offerings.”

He also makes an interesting point. “They accept that certain solutions will never make the transition to the cloud whether that’s because of regulatory and compliance requirements, legacy dependencies or simply that a solution is so intertwined into the fabric of the organization, filling gaps between enterprise systems and departments, that the risk and cost outweigh the perceived benefits. They recognize that cloud and on-premises can’t become a new silo in their IT landscape.  Organizations that will truly benefit from cloud will be those that can seamlessly mesh their cloud and on-premises apps together into solutions that impact the whole business.”

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