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InformationWeek: BYOA: 4 Steps For CIO Success


Letting employees bring -- or build -- their own applications can be rewarding for everyone, including the company.

Great leaders look for new ways to motivate their workforce and technology provides a path accomplish that goal. Faced with a generation of employees inclined to embrace the latest tools, CIOs should encourage individuals in their organizations to build their own applications.

Supporting a build-your-own-application (BYOA) policy allows business users to meet their own needs. It's empowering in a way that's similar to bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies. Workers no longer have to wait for an IT-supported and approved application to be built for them. Instead, they strive to solve business problem for themselves and do so with the help of templates and intuitive design tools, quickly creating solutions for their specific needs. Creating a culture that encourages employees to bring or build their own applications leads to more creativity and ingenuity within the organization and increases employee productivity and satisfaction. 

As with any new business practice based on emerging technologies, BYOA can present governance challenges. And much of this change management will fall directly on the CIO. The trick for the CIO is to find a balance between providing employees with the flexibility and freedom they need to solve problems, while still implementing a set of guidelines that work to create accountability.