My experience with TransLink

As K2's creative director, it’s easy to drown in the details — the placement of a CTA, the nuances of campaign messaging, whitepaper edits and video tweaks, everyday pixel pushing. My position is not unique this way. We all get consumed by brass tacks and particulars.

So, when I get a chance to lift up my head, break free from the Denver office and go meet with customers, it’s always eye opening. It’s refreshing, and it sets perspective.

I recently made a trip to Vancouver, for a video shoot with Dietmar Doerschlag, Sarah Lemon and Donna Chao of TransLink, one of the largest public transportation networks in North America, and it was a joy.

To see the work of our labs and product teams in action, to understand the real impact of K2, to visit with partners, to hear the stories of how a few people at TransLink are affecting real change at their organization was inspiring and rejuvenating.

Their energy was contagious. These people are disputing impossible with smiles on their faces.

The product of that Vancouver trip is posted above. I hope you enjoy the video. It’s about K2. It’s about SharePoint. But for me, more than anything, it’s about people.

Special thanks to Sergio Del Piccolo of Dynamic Management Solutions, our Vancouver partner who started TransLink on its way to viral efficiency.