Transform Your Business Processes

Start Date: 3/8/2018 6:00:00 PM
End Date: 3/8/2018 6:30:00 PM
Location: Online
Time: 3/8/2018 6:00:00 PM to 3/8/2018 6:30:00 PM

Event Highlights

When you want to bring multiple line-of-business integrations and collaboration platforms like SharePoint, social streams, and cloud file-storing services like Box together to build business processes and support your business, it can get messy. Luckily, automating your systems to build integrated forms and workflows doesn't have to be as challenging as you might think.

Learn how to build business applications involving many of the fundamental components including:

  • Access to data from a variety of sources
  • Standardized business logic that aligns with the way an organization executes
  • Ability to give users the experience they need on the devices they use 

K2 allows organizations to rapidly compose business applications from reusable forms, workflow, and data components using drag-and-drop tooling.