K2 FIVE Developers Training (Jakarta, Indonesia)


  • 12/7/2019 2:00 AM (UTC)
  • 12/11/2019 10:00 AM (UTC)
  • Jalan Casablanca Kav. 18, Menteng Dalam, Tebet, Menteng Dalam, RT.4/RW.12, Menteng Dalam, Kec. Tebet, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12960, Indonesia

Course Description: This five-day, instructor-led program gives developers the knowledge and skills necessary to build process-driven applications with the K2 platform. The K2 Five Core training course is designed to give participants the fundamental knowledge required to work with the K2 platform, and covers the core components, functionality and use of K2 Five. This course is the foundation for all specialized competencies offered by K2. This is followed by the K2 SmartForms training course, which will enable participants to create K2 business applications using K2 SmartForms as the main user interface. In addition, the K2 Administration training course guides the participants on how to perform common administrative tasks on K2, and the K2 programming modules provides guidance on how to extend the K2 platform using Custom Service Brokers and K2 REST APIs.


Day 1

Introduction to K2

The Introduction to K2 training module is a high-level introduction to K2 and covers the following:

  • Explains how and why K2 is used by enterprises
  • Overview of the K2 platform components and products
  • Explains the core elements of K2 applications (data, forms, workflows, reports)
  • Describes the tools used to build, deploy, use, report and administer applications in K2

K2 Five Core: Generating Applications Using K2 App Wizard

The K2 Five Core training module introduces the new functionality available in K2 Five. We will be introducing the new features in K2 5.1 which allows the user to quickly install pre-built K2 apps or generate applications using the K2 wizards. This module covers the following concepts:

  • Downloading and installing an application from the K2 App portal using standard pre-built templates
  • Using the K2 Wizard to generate an application based on the options selected

K2 Five Core: Building Applications Using K2 Designer

We will build a leave request application using the new K2 Five Designer and use the new K2 Workspace to view and approve task items. This module covers the following concepts:

  • Using K2 Workflow Designer to build an application using data, forms, and workflows
  • Using the new K2 Workspace to view task items and workflow reports

Day 2

K2 Five Core: Extending Workflow Applications Using K2 Designer

The K2 Five Core training module continues into Day 2. We will extend the leave request application built in Day 1 to add an additional path for rework. This module covers the following concepts:

  • Add a 3rd path in the work for user to do editing and resubmission
  • Add task escalation, deadlines and other additional functions in an workflow

Day 3

K2 smartforms: Fundamentals

On Days 3 and 4, we will focus more on the user interface. The K2 smartforms Fundamentals training module introduces K2 smartforms and covers the fundamentals of designing and using K2 smartforms. Concepts covered in this module include:

  • Building K2 Smartforms applications with SmartObjects, views and forms
  • Working with Editable List Views
  • Using external data sources using K2 Smartobjects

Day 4

K2 smartforms: Intermediate

The K2 smartforms training continues into Day 4. We will continue with the tutorial to learn more advanced features, functionality and use cases of K2 smartforms, and will give participants a better understanding of K2 smartforms. This module covers the following concepts:

  • Building more complex Rules, Views and Forms
  • Integrating forms with workflows using K2 Designer
  • Packaging and deploying K2 applications

K2 Administration

In the Basic K2 Administration training module, we will focus on common, day-to-day administration tasks in K2. This module covers the following concepts:

  • Typical workflow administration tasks in K2 like managing workflows and worklists
  • Setting workflow permissions and viewing workflow reports
  • Integration with external data providers using Service Instances
  • Viewing and Retrying workflows in error

Day 5

Custom Service Brokers

In Day 5, we will discuss the options to extend K2 with custom service brokers. This module covers the following concepts:

  • The K2 SmartObject architecture
  • How to register and use custom service brokers
  • How to implement and expose non-standard providers as K2 SmartObjects


We will also discuss the REST and OData APIs available with K2 Five. This module covers the following concepts:

  • Using the REST API to start a K2 workflow and complete workflow tasks
  • Using the OData API to retrieve data from K2 SmartObjects to use in 3rd party applications

Target Audience

Who should attend?
Business/process analysts, process owners and solution developers who are responsible for designing and developing
electronic workflow solutions. In short, all those who are tasked to design, model, configure or build dynamic applications that
support your organization’s core business processes will benefit from this hands-on training.

Those who currently run Microsoft solutions, such as Exchange, Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, SAP and Microsoft Office systems
will also get to experience firsthand how K2 can help you reap more value and benefits from your current investments in
Microsoft technologies.


IT workers and business developers with basic knowledge of the Windows platform and workflow processes. Knowledge of
SQL, Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Visual Studio and .NET languages is recommended but not mandatory.

Certification option

In addition to the training session, students have the opportunity to obtain professional certifications in the K2 Five.To achieve certification, candidates must apply using K2 Services Credits and pass an exam. Each exam will test the candidate’sknowledge within the selected competency, including both coursework and related knowledge retention. Contact your localsales representative for purchase of K2 Service Credits.

Space is limited! For further query or to register, please email nurul@k2.com.