How to Improve Document Workflows: A Case Study


Logistics company builds faster, more efficient document workflows 

PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA), a subsidiary of conglomerate PT Astra International Tbk (Astra), is the largest transportation and logistics service in Indonesia with businesses in vehicle leasing, land and sea logistics, storage management, used car dealerships and public transportation.

The problem: Delays in vehicle requisition document workflows cause serious problems

Managing vehicle requisitions from outlets across Indonesia created challenges for PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA). The vehicle requisition process is vital to SERA’s leasing business as it involves fulfillment of its customers’ orders by purchasing vehicles that are not readily available. 

Delays in fulfilling customer orders not only result in diminished customer satisfaction but also ineffective cash flow management due to delayed payment collection. SERA’s challenge originates from the non-standardized methods employed by its 70+ outlets across the nation, in which customer orders are transmitted to the headquarters through various means – including phone calls, emails, and faxes. As a result, managing customer orders and documents management is painstakingly ineffective. Aside from that, the authorization cycle that involved key directors of the company was manual and redundant. 

Directors were required to conduct the same approval twice for each vehicle requisition, once for the vehicle’s purchase request (PR) and the other for the purchase order (PO). This paper-based process further reinforced the inefficiency in fulfilling customer orders.

The solution: Using K2's workflow software to reduce processing time and increase customer satisfaction

SERA took its vehicle requisition challenge head on by implementing a K2-based solution called Project Streamliner. This solution standardizes the transmittal of customer orders nationwide and digitizes control processes at its headquarters. Under Project Streamliner, employees are able to submit vehicle requisitions through electronic forms routed through a workflow app for processing. 

The results: Document workflows that work

With this solution in place, employees can now handle customer orders with greater efficiency and reduced errors. During the solution implementation, SERA also took the opportunity to re-engineer its control processes by reducing unnecessary steps in its vehicle requisition process. Coupled with the automation provided by K2, its directors are now able to conduct approvals on each vehicle requisition once on their own mobile devices, leading to reduced turnaround time to fulfill customer orders.

Through Project Streamliner, SERA was able to leverage its existing investments, including SAP and SharePoint workflow solutions, in which the vehicle requisition process was integrated with. Upon completion of the necessary approvals, customer orders are now passed seamlessly to SAP for billing done by the back office staff –enabling these employees to continue working with tools that they are familiar with while reaping the benefits of end-to-end integration offered by the underlying technologies of Project Streamliner.

“K2 has really helped us improve our processes and our users are satisfied,” said Rizki Muhammad, Head of Information Systems at SERA. “We are committed to continue to improve Streamliner as it has become one of our core systems for the last 3 years.”

With K2, SERA has been able to reduce overall processing lead time and improve customer satisfaction. In the future, SERA aims to leverage K2 as its enterprise workflow engine for use across other business areas. “We look to lead the transformation of our industry, specifically the B2B area with the right digital transformation strategy,” said Muhammad. 

“We intend to lean on K2 to provide the necessary next generation of technology to help us achieve our vision, as it has done in the past with its great customer experience and leading-edge technology," says Muhammad.

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