Build a Team to Champion K2 Across Your Organization


Digital Transformation is Everyone’s Responsibility

According to a joint study by Deloitte and MIT Sloan Management Review, it’s a single person or group that most often leads an enterprise’s digital transformation agenda. Why can’t it be you?

You’ve done the research and you know K2 will empower your organization to work smarter and modernize your workflows. So, how can you convince your department or an executive that K2 is the best way to adopt disruptive technologies without being disruptive?

We’ve figured out the steps you’ll need to take to guarantee success:

  • Recruit co-workers to your cause and have each fill a specific role.
  • Address your stakeholder’s specific concerns while communicating K2’s benefits.
  • Link each person to a curated K2 resource for further research and next steps.

Download the guide and get started.