A Disruptive Path to Digital Transformation


Key Discussion Points from the K2 + Forrester Webinar

K2 joined forces with Forrester Research to talk about how businesses can leverage evolving technologies to automate complex, mission-critical processes as well as a broad range of simple business processes. Rob Koplowitz (VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research), Wouter Faber (Senior Director in Technology, Avanade) and K2’s CEO, Adriaan Van Wyk were on hand to talk about this exciting new approach. Five key points emerged from this discussion, including:

  • Changing digital process automation goals
  • Bridging the IT skills gap
  • Redefined roles
  • Using low code to drive innovation and ROI
  • Real-life implementation within global energy leader Shell

Read A Disruptive Path to Digital Transformation to see how you should be rethinking the way you design business processes and use technology to automate them.