Data talks for ITself:
The daily management of payments, transactions, compliance issues, reporting to central banks, can be a challenge to any bank. For Datacomp, they are not challenges; they are universes of data that can be managed. There is a complex network of actions behind all workflow and procedures and Datacomp translates these into intelligible and organized data. Any challenge is a set of undefined data, once it is defined, an IT solution is found. Datacomp’s solutions lead in areas such as Business Process Management, Core-Banking, Legal Notifications Management, Payments Management, Capital Market and Cash Management. In all these solutions: data talks for ITself.

Throw us the dice:
Datacomp is prepared to face any challenge. Our specialized team, not only analyses, manages and solves problems, but also presents you with the best technological solutions and mechanisms to keep them under control. Meet our diversified product catalogue and find out why we are so confidant to say that we are prepared to meet any challenge.


Lisbon, Portugal

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