Flexible and scalable ERP

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Note: This is an excerpt from an article by Jared Heng that was published in the April 2008 edition of CIO — Asia Magazine. The full piece can be found here.

Integrating processes across business units throughout the planet, on land and sea, is a huge challenge, which demands a flexible and scalable ERP system. Meeting this challenge has won Hong Kong-based shipping group Wallem a prestigious CIO Asia award for 2008. ...

Reducing business processes
Wallem has reduced processes across all business units to enable process re-engineering, identification of best practices and re-composition of service offerings. “These new or re-composed services require high levels of integration into the ERP system, and AX enables that,” Slesinger says.

The organisation has leveraged on K2’s Blackpearl business process management system, which is integrated into the AX, business intelligence and RSS environments. “This level of integration would have been difficult and expensive in the previous AS/400-based environment,” says Slesinger.

According to K2, Blackpearl is a platform on which users can easily assemble and execute Microsoft-based workflow applications. K2 claims that Blackpearl allows easy modification of these applications when business needs change.