Update 1420 released for K2 blackpoint and K2 blackpearl

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The latest update for K2 4.5, KB001420, can be downloaded from the Customer Portal and is available as a full release package or an update package for the appropriate product (K2 blackpearl 4.5 and K2 blackpoint 4.5).  The full release package will contain the latest installer enhancements plus the latest update.

In addition to fixes and performance enhancements, this release includes the new K2 SmartActions technology and a SmartObject feature that simplifies the importing and exporting of data from SQL and/or Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

SmartActions allow a user to respond to a task from any e-mail client, such as Outlook or a mobile phone, with the action they want to take on the task. This includes the ability to delegate, redirect and perform sleep actions.

SmartActions integrate directly into Exchange 2007/2010 without relying on a middle tier. SmartActions is an extensible framework with the ability for administrators to customize messages sent from the server and build additional message endpoints.

With 1420's new SQL/CRM SmartObjects feature, users can export SmartObject definitions in the highly portable and compact XML format. The SmartObject definition can then be moved to any SharePoint environment that has identical dependencies.

The SmartObject definition is imported by SharePoint Central Administration and retains the original GUID for easy identification. Processes that used these SmartObjects in their previous environment retain the use of the SmartObject, as it persists with the same identity. Manual configuration will enable the end user to adapt the SmartObjects to the target environments.