K2 update 1290 released

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

K2 4.5 Update KB001290 is now available for download from the K2 Customer Portal. This release, the last in the “1200 series,” provides several new features for both K2 blackpearl and K2 blackpoint, including:

·       Process Naming and Sharing – In the K2 Designer for SharePoint you now have the ability to choose the name of the project and share the process or a copy of the process with others for improved process design collaboration.

·       New and Improved Wizards – Create documents based on content types, convert document formats, and insert content into Word documents via a K2 process. Additionally, some usability enhancements have been added to make your life easier when dealing with large lists of metadata.

·       K2 Pass-Through Authentication – Now if you don’t have Kerberos completely configured, the user’s Windows token will be used instead. Note that this configurable setting is not turned on when performing an upgrade but can be switched on. See the K2 documentation for more information.

·       Enhanced Code Reference Event – You can now reuse values from one service call or class instantiation in subsequent calls.

·       Enhanced Web Services – Use the Web, Windows Communication Foundation and REST-based services to start interact with K2 processes and worklists.


Some additional features have been added to K2 blackpearl only:

·       Process Delete – In K2 Workspace you now have the ability to delete some or all process versions and query the process dependencies first.

·       Enhanced SmartObject Services – Improved interaction with K2 SmartObjects from Web, WCF and REST-based services, with complete control over what SmartObjects are available via the services.

·       Reorganized Help Documentation – Check out the newly reorganized documentation, to help you find the information you need faster. The new community extensions feature allows you to post comments, so please add your feedback to help make the documentation better.

To get the K2 4.5 Update KB001290, please visit the K2 blackpearl and K2 blackpoint download pages on the K2 Customer Portal. This release is available as a full release package or an update package for the appropriate product. The full release package will contain the latest installer enhancements plus the latest release.

Please read the Release Notes available on the download page, along with the accompanying Help documentation to ensure successful installation and usage of these components.

Please use the K2 Customer Portal to open support tickets and/or contact your local support offices to report any issues. Additionally, the K2 forums on K2 Underground are available for community-based discussions. Note: K2 Underground is a community Web site and should not be used for production support issues or for logging bugs.