Partner MII uses K2 for internal process efficiency

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

PT Mitra Integrasi Informatika (MII) uses K2 to streamline internal processes: a sales profile process, a project approval process, a sales order checklist process and an HR award process.

MII has seen first-hand the efficiency K2 software brings to other companies that use it for workflow and BPM on the Microsoft platform, as well. That’s because MII has been a K2 Partner, building and implementing K2 solutions since 2007.

MII had a number of key processes that were paper-based, inefficient, and prone to delays or errors:
> Sales profile process — For reviewing sales profiles, including product or services details; approval line goes up to division managers and directors:
MII was looking for greater visibility into this process and tighter controls over the workflow and the involved approval lines. It is a complex process with many steps and possible scenarios.

> Project approval process — For budget, expenses and non-customer-related internal projects:
A major upgrade was necessary to accommodate for shifts in the business and new technology requirements.

> Sales order checklist process — Review and approval for sales orders to be released; to start after the sales profile process was complete:
The sales order process lacked proper controls and sufficient visibility. Managers at MII needed to have access to information about which orders were posted, where they were posted, who had approved what, when the approvals were made, etc. MII also sought greater user mobility and didn’t want to be bound by paper signature requirements.

> HR award process — An HR-related workflow for rewarding employee performance:
MII sought automation for this process, which was inconsistent, often confusing and driven through back-and-forth e-mails.

Read the full case study here or download a pdf at right.