K2 update and new features available now

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The latest version of K2 4.5 (Update KB001230) is now available for download on the K2 Customer and Partner Portal. This release, the second in the “1200” series of releases, provides several new features for K2 blackpearl and K2 blackpoint, including:
     •  Create Folders and Document Sets – Now you can create SharePoint library folders as part of your process, and if you have SharePoint 2010, you can create document sets, as well.
     •  Reusable Inline Functions – Save your Inline Functions for later use, save the result of your Inline Function or save both. We also give you the ability to name your custom functions and expressions anything you wish. Also, be sure to check out the new Regular Expression functions.
     •  Process Scheduler and Process Approval – In Process Portals, schedule a process to start up on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule. Also, make sure that K2 Designer for SharePoint processes go through an approval step before they are deployed.
     •  Improved View Flow – Use the improved View Flow to see who has participated in the process, and even drill into the process and activity data fields.
     •  New Web Parts – Configure the My Processes Web Part to see processes you’ve started or participated in, and check out the colorful charts in the new Process, Activity and Interval Web Parts to visually track how your processes are running.

K2 blackpearl includes these additional features:
     •  Active Directory and Exchange Integration – Use K2’s new AD and Exchange integration to create, update and disable AD accounts and manage groups. You can also create mailboxes and send tasks and meeting requests to users.
     •  CRM Data – Create, update and delete data in CRM entities, either from within your processes or within custom applications.

Read about K2 features and watch highlight videos here.

To get the K2 4.5 Update KB001230, please visit the K2 blackpearl and K2 blackpoint download pages on the K2 Customer and Partner Portal. This release is available as a full release package or an update package for the appropriate product. The full release package will contain the latest installer enhancements plus the latest release.

Please read the Release Notes available on the download page, along with the accompanying Help documentation to ensure successful installation and usage of these components.

Please use the K2 Customer and Partner Portal to open support tickets and/or contact your local support offices to report any issues. Additionally, the K2 forums on K2 Underground are available for community-based discussions. Note: K2 Underground is a community Web site and should not be used for production support issues or for logging bugs.