2013 Roadmap — a K2 product update

As we head into 2013, we are excited about the new features we'll bring to market this year. Our development efforts are focused on these pillars: solution deployment, SharePoint 2013, mobile and forms.

Our Package and Deployment feature, currently in beta, allows you to move artifacts like SmartObjects, views, forms and workflows between environments. P&D, as we like to call it, will form the foundation for additional interfaces for management and administration of your K2 artifacts. This includes a new site, K2 Management and a revamping of the current K2 Workspace to make it more friendly and powerful.

Our forms technology had a fantastic launch in 2012, and we have received a number of great feature requests that we will be shipping throughout 2013. These include core building blocks, such as security and versioning, as well as enhancements to rules and debugging, additional controls and themes.

New integration functionality, including OAuth-enabled line-of-business systems like SharePoint 2013, provides easy integration with more systems and services. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and more cloud-based offerings can be easily integrated into your business applications. And with this additional integration, we will continue to work on greater access to K2 systems, taking advantage of the mobile platforms.

Our core workflow and forms offerings will also continue to evolve and help make your business run smoother.

We constantly take feedback from our customers and partners to focus on areas where we can make workflow, forms and SmartObjects better, faster and easier to work with, so never hesitate to drop us a line.