First K2 blackpearl book now available from Wrox Press

Thursday, February 12, 2009

REDMOND, Wash. — "Professional K2 blackpearl," the new book from Wrox Press, is now available at, and other book retailers.
The first book about K2 blackpearl, K2’s flagship software for workflow and process-driven applications, this 986-page volume is the work of more than 14 authors — including K2 Insiders Jason Apergis, Sergio Del Piccolo, Chris O'Connor, Igor Macori, Gabriel Malherbe, Jason Montgomery and Colin Murphy.
“This is really for anybody who uses K2 blackpearl and wants to get the most out of it,” said K2’s Chris Geier, coauthor, coeditor and project manager. “But it’s also a great introduction to the world of workflow and business process management. The first four chapters are non-technical and deal with issues such as why people are using technologies like K2 blackpearl and how people are thinking about business efficiency.”
These introductory chapters explain how process-driven applications compare to traditional business process management techniques, how to identify processes that would benefit from automation, how to measure the success of applications and how an organization can shift its culture toward process automation and efficiency.

The rest of the book is a deep dive into the K2 blackpearl software. It explains everything from architecture, to how to design and deploy applications, to how organizations can collaborate on application development and how the software integrates with the Microsoft technology stack.

“In this book you will learn process-modeling best practices, how to organize your projects, how to approach building workflow solutions, best practices for K2 software, detailed K2 blackpearl architecture, administration, reporting and other advanced topics,” Apergis said. “Any designer or developer who has K2 blackpearl and requires insight into how to build workflow solutions — as well as decision makers, architects and K2 users — will benefit from reading this book.”
"Professional K2 blackpearl" also includes tips, tricks and shortcuts that could save hours or days of coding work, Geier said. Information on K2’s other software products, K2 blackpoint and K2 connect for SAP, is also included, although these technologies are not the primary focus of the book.

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