K2 connect for SAP now available globally

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

No-code software makes it easy to tie SAP-based information into business applications

FEB. 3 — K2®, a division of SourceCode Technology Holdings Inc., today announced the global availability of K2 connect™ for SAP — no-code software that increases business efficiency and reduces IT costs by bridging the gap between SAP and the world of process-driven applications, forms and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.

K2 connect for SAP empowers line-of-business specialists to visually create business entities — in just a few clicks — that pull information from SAP. Then anyone in the organization can use these business entities within existing K2 processes and .NET-based applications, including SharePoint and Salesforce.com applications; or these SAP-tied business entities can be assembled with others, like building blocks, to create entirely new applications, reports and forms.

“In the past, bringing SAP data into a workflow, business process or application may have taken days or weeks of solid developer coding,” said K2’s Adriaan Van Wyk, CEO. “Now, with K2 connect for SAP, this responsibility is taken out of the developers’ hands and can be accomplished in hours, without hassle and without writing a single line of code.
“It significantly reduces development time and cost, frees IT resources, and opens up new process capabilities.”

According to Chris Dearing, SAP solutions architect for Microsoft, K2 connect for SAP is a technology many organizations have been asking for.

“Microsoft and SAP customers continue to tell us that they want to bring these two technologies together to add more value to their investments,” Dearing said. “K2 has long been a key partner to Microsoft, adding value to our technology stack, and we see K2 connect for SAP as being valuable to our joint customers and complementary to ongoing Microsoft efforts in this space.”

K2 connect for SAP also allows information that lives within SAP to be added to or amended from within a K2 blackpearl™-based application or process.

K2 connect for SAP is an add-on for K2 blackpearl, K2’s most extensive and feature-rich software for building process-driven applications across the enterprise.

K2 applications can be set up to automate and manage business processes — such as document approval or inventory tracking — or pull together business processes, people, services, information and systems into a single application that helps drive business.

More information is at www.k2.com/connect.

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