Workflow Technology

Use Low-Code Workflow Technology to Realize Business Benefits Faster

Workflow technology is designed to organize and automate business processes, from the simplest to the most complex. This approach benefits organizations across a broad range of industries, from financial services to healthcare. 

Automation plays a key role in workflow technology. For employees, this means fewer time-consuming manual tasks to deal with. And for employers, this means faster, more accurate processes. This boosts efficiency across the board. 

A workflow defines and automates business processes. These could be simple and confined to one business unit, or complex and enterprise-wide.  

Workflow technology orchestrates the flow of work that is involved in these processes. This could include tasks, actions, events, information and documents, as well as other resources. Each step is re-configured for optimal efficiency. And the workflow tool itself ensures that the steps are completed in the right order, by the right people, at the right time.

Organizations use workflows to:

  • Co-ordinate tasks between people
  • Ensure data flows between systems
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Offer more visibility into processes 
  • Boost overall corporate performance  

The advantages of a workflow system

Workflow solutions can benefit organizations in many ways. Firstly, as discussed, they reduce human error. Even the most skilled and motivated employees make mistakes from time to time. Their typos and misfiled documents can slow down processes and even disrupt business. Automation technology turns manual tasks into digital ones, eliminating the opportunity for lapses in concentration to occur and disrupt the flow of work.  

Secondly, they help to control costs. By automating time-consuming tasks, companies can increase their productivity levels and achieve better output, speed and quality. 

Workflow technology also provides a digital audit trail. This data allows you to monitor your processes and optimize them even further. It also makes compliance much easier for teams that need to prove their methods of working to internal or external auditors. 

Choosing the best workflow technology

Process workflow automation can transform a business into a more productive, responsive environment that can react swiftly when new opportunities come along. Automated workflow technology can also drastically simplify and accelerate processes. 

But this type of software can also be difficult and time-consuming to code. This can be a real stumbling block when your applications need to access line of business systems (LOB) built on proprietary technologies.

K2 lets you reach across disjointed systems to create comprehensive workflows with little to no code. These workflows can range from small, departmental ones that handle employee on boarding to complex ones for quote-to-cash scenarios.

Build workflows quickly and easily with K2

This innovative workflow platform does not require specialized software programming skills. It opens up workflow creation to more users across your organization. 

With K2, your people can:

  • Design apps using drag and drop tools
  • Solve their own business challenges by getting involved in app builds from the get go
  • Re-purpose app components to build the next app quicker 
  • Update apps quickly to suit changing business needs
Importantly, there is no heavy involvement required from the IT department. This means that your highly skilled developers can concentrate on other projects that require their attention. No more bottlenecks holding your IT team and business back.

Extend the use of other systems

K2 technology can be used to extend the capabilities of existing enterprise systems, while streamlining daily operations. 

Do you use Microsoft SharePoint to drive teamwork and content collaboration? SharePoint is an essential system in many enterprise architectures. Many of these companies are using it as a platform for workflow and process app development. However, the customization of SharePoint workflows can prove to be difficult.

Microsoft's solution to these challenges — the App Model release — added some new functionalities, but does not always completely meet developers' needs. That's where K2 can help.

Did you know that you can build smarter SharePoint workflows with K2? K2 integrates seamlessly with SharePoint. This includes both on-premises and cloud versions. As a result, you can build complex applications that connect with all of your back end systems, without coding.

With K2, you can achieve the following in SharePoint:

  • Design the apps, forms and workflows you need, with little to no coding
  • Integrate workflows across LOB systems, on premises or in the cloud
  • Configure automated task managements across areas of business
  • Easily manage, monitor and secure workflows
  • Access comprehensive reporting
  • Do away with IT bottlenecks
Create digital forms

You may not even realize how much paper based forms and contracts are slowing down your processes. Do your staff have to print out, fill in, scan and email forms every time they need to complete one simple step of a process? How many times have documents or contracts gone missing because they were misfiled or buried under a pile of paperwork on someone's desk? Imagine how much more productive your organization could be if all these paper forms were digital?

Digital forms reduce your printing and storage costs. They also give you access to the information stored in the forms from any location and device. This accelerates the flow of work and knowledge through your organization. It also improves data accuracy and quality, because information is collected digitally, which makes it much easier for your data to be organized, validated and stored.

With K2, your people can quickly and easily build their own digital forms using the same drag and drop configuration process. 

This allows your people to:

  • Automatically format, calculate, find and validate information
  • Collect digital signatures
  • Obtain approvals faster
  • Speed up decision-making
  • Boost operational efficiency
  • Support compliance

Start smart

To help both developers and business users, K2 workflows software provides out of the box app templates. These SmartStarters can be used as they are or customized to suit your business needs. This really helps to speed up the app development process. And it's an ideal solution when you need to quickly automate common workflows.

These include: 
  • Managing employee access to IT systems
  • Sharing corporate content for review
  • Creating a framework for submitting open job postings
  • Providing a mechanism for the submission of business improvement ideas
  • Handling training requests 
  • Managing IT-related service requests 
  • Orchestrating press release approvals
  • Employee off-boarding 
  • Handling social media content approvals
  • Managing documents to reduce multiple version mistakes 
  • Streamlining the defect tracking process
  • Reviewing and approving expense claims 
Keep pace with customer and business demands

In most industries today, organizations need to be able to adapt quickly to opportunities and challenges. If they're slow to meet new market demands, they may lose market share to their competitors. And if they drag their feet in the face of rapidly advancing technology, they may reach a point where their legacy systems are simply not agile enough to carry their business into the future.  

Ideally, your organization needs the tools to digitize and update processes both efficiently and effectively.

K2's low-code technology enables you to react swiftly when customer demands or business needs change. This user-friendly approach to business process management and automation also allows you to put your digital transformation plans into action now, rather than waiting too long.  

K2 takes the effort out of transforming workflows and forms to remain competitive in the digital age. When your end users are empowered to build their own apps, workflows and forms, you're reducing your reliance on your IT team while also involving your business thinkers in your digital transformation efforts. This is a smart way to realize the benefits of workflow transformation, both now and in the future. 

Curious if the K2 platform is the workflow solution you're looking for? 

Read our white paper and find out how your organization can transform your workflows and your business with K2.