Workflow Apps

Use Workflow Apps to Transform Traditional Workflows

Where is that signature? Who approved that change? It's no secret that manual workflows and paper-based forms often lead to process bottlenecks, costly errors and, ultimately, an erosion of customer confidence. Today's modern, connected and highly-competitive businesses have turned to workflow apps to transform inflexible processes that can't keep pace with the speed of business.

K2's low-code workflow app solutions enable companies to rapidly build and deploy applications that are customized to meet their unique business needs. Unlike traditional BPM options, opportunities to digitize quickly and immediately realize the benefits are greater with low-code business app solutions.

In this book, Operational Process Transformation for Dummies, you'll learn more about K2 and how to overhaul your processes with modern business applications, forms and workflows. Some topics include:

  • Building efficient manufacturing processes
  • Keeping retail customers happy with amazing customer service
  • Ten keys for successfully transforming business processes

Download the book to learn more.