Workflow Apps

Use Workflow Apps to Transform Traditional Workflows

As a company today, in any industry, it's essential to be confident that your people have the best workflow apps at their disposal to add value to the business every step of the way.

You may have the best people for the job and plenty of opportunities coming your way, but are you sure that work, data and knowledge are flowing through your organization as seamlessly as they should? Are your business processes and workflow tool meeting your strategic goals successfully?

Overcoming challenges 

Where is that signature? Who approved that change? Where did the ball get dropped this time? It's no secret that manual workflows and paper-based forms often lead to process bottlenecks, costly errors and, ultimately, an erosion of customer confidence. Can you afford to waste your resources on tasks that could be automated rather than handled by a salaried member of staff?

Today's modern, connected and highly-competitive businesses have turned to workflow apps to transform inflexible processes that can't keep pace with the speed of business.

K2 workflow software 

Unlike traditional code heavy workflow management options, K2 offers an opportunity to digitize quickly and immediately realize the benefits are greater with a scalable low-code business app technology.

K2's low-code workflow app solutions enable companies to rapidly build and deploy applications that are customized to meet their unique business needs. With K2, your developers and other users have an intuitive drag-and-drop web-based designer. This makes it quick and easy to model workflows, no matter how simple or complex they may be. 

With K2 as your workflow engine, you can configure, deploy, update and maintain business process applications with little to no code — whether you're improving and automating one process or thousands. This means that even non-technical employees can get involved in your digital transformation efforts. 

Why do so many workflow managers choose K2? 

With K2 low-code technology, you can:

  • Increase the speed and ease of producing workflow apps
  • Involve more users across the business for a more collaborative workflow app development process
  • Alleviate the burden on IT and reduce backlogs 
  • Improve overall corporate performance 
  • Accelerate digital transformation 

Leverage existing software 

With K2, you can integrate seamlessly with other software solutions, such as Microsoft SharePoint. In fact, K2 takes the complexity out of building SharePoint workflow apps, by enabling your developers and other users to create SharePoint solutions without having to write endless lines of code. 

You can also:

  • Create powerful digital forms to collect and display information in SharePoint
  • Pull in data from line of business systems and web services
  • Use app templates to assist with the development process
  • Use a centralized list to access tasks and work in K2 apps
  • Produce reports and dashboards to enhance decision-making

Ready to accelerate your business process transformation?

In this book, Operational Process Transformation for Dummies, you'll learn more about the K2 platform and how to overhaul your processes with modern business applications, drag and drop designer, mobile-friendly forms and scalable workflows software. Some topics include:

  • Building efficient manufacturing processes
  • Keeping retail customers happy with amazing customer service
  • Ten keys for successfully transforming business processes

Download the book to learn more.