What is a SharePoint Workflow

What is a SharePoint Workflow & How Can It Improve Efficiency?

What is a SharePoint workflow? The simplest answer is: an application that automates and streamlines any variety of business processes. But in the world of work, a SharePoint workflow can end up touching almost every task and user in your company — and that's anything but simple.

That is why K2 wrote the e-book, Easy-to-Build Workflows and Forms For Dummies, to help SharePoint customers understand the importance of using workflows to accelerate agility and efficiency, as well as summarize the advantages of using SharePoint with K2's low-code business apps to realize these benefits faster than ever before. SharePoint users will gain insights into how to:

  • Build flexible and scalable processes
  • Use digital transformation to anchor a business case
  • Modernize and mobilize SharePoint workflows and forms

Read the book to learn how to design and build a SharePoint workflow that empowers your employees to work smarter and increase efficiencies across the business.