Systems For Supply Chain

How to Improve Your Systems For Supply Chain with Existing IT Investment

According to a recent KPMG survey, 40 percent of global manufacturers find visibility a major issue for their organization. New technologies and systems for supply chain management promise to deliver visibility and across the entire enterprise and supply chain. But where do these technologies that provide comprehensive coverage of business processes leave current systems?

In reality, your organization has a portfolio of legacy systems, many of which still work well for their intended purpose, with specialist functionality that can be indispensable to back-office processes and effective supply chain management. By integrating these legacy systems, you can benefit from:

  • Increased trust from customers
  • Real-time tracking of business-critical processes
  • A single interface from which to view all processes supporting the supply chain
  • Early detection of difficulties
  • Enhanced compliance
  • More responsive interactions with stakeholders
  • Better forecasting
  • Faster response to dynamic demands

Download K2's How to Mobilize Legacy Systems for a Simplified Supply Chain and learn how you can successfully overlay your legacy functionality rather than replace it.