SharePoint Workflows 2010

Take the Pain Out of Migrating SharePoint Workflows 2010

Are you looking to move your SharePoint Workflows 2010 to the cloud? You're not alone. According to AIIM's recent Connecting and Optimizing SharePoint and Important Strategy Choices survey, thirty-four percent of your IT colleagues are ready to do the same. Moving to the cloud offers a more predictable cost model and ensures your features and security updates are never out-of-date.

However, getting to these benefits can be challenging. If your on-premises deployment needs extensive infrastructure, customizations and add-ons, you could hit some turbulence. The last thing your team needs after migration is a week of all-nighters, spent troubleshooting access issues or rebuilding broken apps.

The good news? There are several steps you can take beforehand to ease your migration journey. Watch K2's webinar to learn why a hybrid cloud approach might soothe your migration pains. You'll learn how to:

  • Fully access current SharePoint content, forms and workflows
  • Access forms from any device — online or offline
  • Identify potential line-of-business integration stumbling blocks before you're committed
  • Migrate functionality in a measured way to minimize disruption
  • Use K2's low-code platform to quickly build new cloud-based or on-premises apps

Make your SharePoint Workflows 2010 migration painless while gleaning all the benefits that cloud computing offers. Watch the webinar, Taking the Pain Out of Migrating SharePoint to the Cloud to learn how.