SharePoint Workflow

Build Better SharePoint Workflow Apps with K2

A SharePoint workflow is an app that structures and automates a range of business processes. Designed to save time and effort, ensure consistency and accuracy, and boost operational efficiency, a workflow is essentially a series of automated actions that are triggered by a specific event.

For example, a SharePoint workflow focused on document approval begins when someone submits a document for review. The workflow will take over and automatically route the document to the right person for review. If the reviewer approves the document, it is then routed to the next person for final sign off, before it is accepted into the document library or another action is taken to achieve the end goal of the workflow. Of course, if edits are required by the first reviewer, the workflow will send the document back to the person who submitted it and the cycle begins again.

If this process were run manually, someone would need to manage each step, monitor progress and manually route the work to the right people each time. A SharePoint workflow eradicates the need for all this effort, because all of that checking, monitoring, reminding and forwarding is automated. 

What happens when workflows need to be more complex than this?

Building complex SharePoint 2013 workflows, or solutions in other SharePoints, has proven difficult for some organizations. Customization is often required and this calls for a specialized skill set, which can be costly to hire in-house. 

As a result, three out of five SharePoint users end up purchasing a third-party solution, like K2 or Nintex workflow software. Even with the many great software features that Microsoft provides, these users just want more. Third-party solutions like K2 can give them more by empowering users to build better SharePoint workflow apps to stretch their SharePoint and Office 365 investments.

Why choose K2 as your third-party solution?

K2 is a low-code business process application platform that enables line-of-business (LOB) users to create their own apps in a drag and drop visual design environment. K2 integrates seamlessly with both your on-premises and cloud versions of SharePoint — so you can build high-value apps that connect with all of your back end systems, without writing code.

K2's low-code application approach removes limitations and increases:

  • Scalability across the organization — to connect people, data, decisions and systems
  • Agility to meet business needs — today and in the future

Mobility for a workforce on the go

What is workflow without mobility? K2 enables you to configure your business process apps for any mobile device so that you workforce can access information at any time, from anywhere. 

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