SharePoint Workflow

Build Better SharePoint Workflow Apps with K2

Why do three out of five SharePoint users end up purchasing a third-party solution? Even with the many great software features that Microsoft provides, these users just want more. Third-party solutions like K2 can give them more by empowering users to build better SharePoint workflow apps to stretch their SharePoint and Office 365 investments.

K2's low-code application approach removes limitations and increases:

  • Scalability across the organization — to connect people, data, decisions and systems
  • Agility to meet business needs — today and in the future
  • Mobility for a workforce on the go — access information at any time, from anywhere

To learn more about maximizing your SharePoint and Office 365 investment with a third-party solution like K2, read the e-book Business Apps for SharePoint and Office 365 for Dummies.