Process Automation Solutions

Are Your Process Automation Solutions Agile Enough?

Before delving into the value of business process automation solutions, it’s important to understand what a business process is. Essentially, it’s a sequence of steps that lead from a trigger event towards a desired outcome. For example, when an employee submits an expense claim, this begins a process that moves towards a specific goal. Perhaps this goal is validating the claim and reimbursing the employee within a specific time frame.

Of course, processes can be much more complex and business-critical than this, involving a series of different tasks, actions and events. Therefore, forward-thinking companies use business process management (BPM) practices to ensure that their processes:

  • Are designed for optimal simplicity and efficacy
  • Clarify job roles and responsibilities
  • Prevent errors and redundancy
  • Are carried out swiftly and successfully  

Business process automation solutions play a critical role in BPM. Ideally, your BPM solution should combine a systematic approach to improving business processes and workflows with streamlined technology.

The value of business process automation solutions

Well-chosen business process automation (BPA) tools can transform a series of slow and error-prone manual tasks into an efficient digital workflow. Being digital, the process is easier to monitor, measure and adapt as business needs change.

BPA is a valuable tool in the BPM arsenal because it helps to:

  • Turn piles of paperwork into powerful digital forms
  • Collect data from disparate systems and business units
  • Handle repetitive, rules-based tasks with minimal human intervention
  • Liberate people from boring work tasks
  • Improve performance within the company and along the supply chain
  • Provide the agility needed to react quickly to new opportunities and threats  

How K2 powers BPA

With K2's business process automation solutions, you can build streamlined apps to automatically move information, documents and data between people, systems and machines.

Your apps are enterprise-ready and can be scaled to automate processes across your global operations if you need to. Thousands of companies around the world have been using the K2 platform to build hundreds of thousands of applications.

K2 enables you to achieve two important BPA goals simultaneously:

  • Build deep mission-critical applications
  • Develop and deploy many applications quickly

K2 technology can achieve this through:

  • Connecting people, systems and devices in real-time; and, supporting third-party data connectors
  • Enabling you to create robust, intuitive and reusable forms for collecting and integrating information into automated processes. These can also be used for data and trend analysis on any device, on any solution 
  • Providing visual, drag and drop app designers that can be used by both end users and developers
  • Mobilizing your workforce to continue working online or offline, on any device, securely
  • Providing app templates to kick-start the application development process 
  • A robust management portal that includes role-based access controls, industry standard compliance and security features
  • Enabling you to easily generate process reports and integrate third-party reporting tools such as Microsoft Power BI or Tableau

All these attributes work together to create BPM solutions that extract optimal value from your I.T. resources, as well as involve users with valuable business knowledge in the BPM process. As a result, you can rapidly meet your digital transformation goals.

How can your business benefit?

The adoption rate of BPM continues to grow as more organizations recognize the benefits. In the AIIM report, Process Improvement and Automation 2016 — A Look at BPM, the following benefits are examined, along with perceptions of BPM, business drivers, technical requirements and more.

  • 53% of companies cite faster processing of business-critical activities as the biggest value of BPM
  • 1/3 of organizations see a decrease in the time it takes for reviews and approvals
  • Payback is realized within a year for 41% of businesses and 6 months for 17%

K2's business process application platform can automate any process to help you realize these benefits. With K2, you can build, run and future-proof your processes with low-code apps that span people and systems. 

To learn more about K2 and BPM, read the AIIM report.