Process Automation Solutions

Are You in Need of a Process Automation Solution?

By automating your business processes, you can increase organizational efficiency and agility. Business process management (BPM) is a process automation solution that combines a systematic approach to improving business processes and workflows with streamlined technology. The adoption rate of BPM continues to grow as more organizations recognize the benefits. In the AIIM report, Process Improvement and Automation 2016 — A Look at BPM, the following benefits are examined, along with perceptions of BPM, business drivers, technical requirements and more.

  • 53% of companies cite faster processing of business critical activities as the biggest value of BPM
  • 1/3 of organizations see a decrease in the time it takes for reviews and approvals
  • Payback is realized within a year for 41% of businesses and 6 months for 17%

K2's business process application platform can automate any process to help you realize these benefits. With K2, you can build, run and future-proof your processes with low-code apps that span people and systems. To learn more about K2 and BPM, read the AIIM report.