Microsoft SharePoint Workflow

An Introduction to Better Microsoft SharePoint Workflows

Organizations of all sizes have turned to SharePoint for their everyday portal and collaboration needs, as well as custom Microsoft SharePoint workflow development. In fact, according to a study by Forrester, 52 percent of all SharePoint customers are building, or planning to build, custom apps on top of their SharePoint environment.

While the SharePoint framework and Microsoft's App Model solution offer many capabilities, app developers are still finding them limited and problematic. SharePoint environments can lose stability as a result of custom app development and the App Model frequently falls short when taking into account today's complex business needs.

Sixty-five percent of SharePoint customers now use third-party tools like K2 to address these challenges and more, including:

  • Numerous live versions of SharePoint and/or line-of-business (LOB) systems
  • Apps that cannot be used across the organization
  • Lack of deep coding expertise
  • Apps that aren't flexible
  • Protecting an organization's data
  • Integrating with data that lives in the cloud

In order to make successful Microsoft workflow development apps within the SharePoint environment, organizations must recognize the implications of these challenges and how to best address them. Download the white paper, Six Tips to Building Better Business Apps in SharePoint 2013, for more insight into solving the Microsoft SharePoint workflow development dilemma with best of breed low-code tools.