Automate Microsoft SharePoint Forms to Drive Efficiency

How can you make sure information is available to the people who need it, when they need it? Digital forms play a valuable role in this process. 

We're living and working in the Age of Information. Whether you need to gather customers' contact details or data relating to a research survey, a digital form is what you need. With a form, you can:
  • Instantly gather data into a spreadsheet
  • Turn paper-based tasks into automated tasks
  • Make customer interactions simpler 
Flexible forms

Manual business processes are often outdated, inefficient and inflexible. This means that the forms paired with these processes end up suffering the same fate. 

Fortunately, there is a solution. K2's modern business apps enable users to seamlessly complete routine tasks involving Microsoft SharePoint forms. This is possible whether in the office or in the field, across all departments. 

K2 easily integrates with systems and forms that you’re already using across your enterprise. This includes Microsoft SharePoint forms. If you were using InfoPath 2013 to fill out form templates in your browser, K2 offers an alternative. 

K2 integrates seamlessly with SharePoint

K2 offers form building software that is compatible with SharePoint and other existing systems. Now your business users can create the forms they need without being held back by InfoPath form limitations.  

With K2, you can continue to:
  • Manage your forms in a central location
  • Improve and optimize business processes
  • Collaborate with ease
  • Create user-friendly experiences for customers, partners, and suppliers

However, with K2, you can extend your Microsoft SharePoint forms to include information that is critical to a specific business process. This means that you get the data you need to run your processes efficiently, right from the get go. 

Also, with Microsoft InfoPath, creating a business form can be a long and drawn out process. With K2, it's much quicker. You can dramatically cut down the time it takes to create an online form, integrate data from SharePoint and deploy the form. 

Anyone can create custom forms 

The beauty of choosing K2 is that it is a low-code technology platform. This means that it offers user-friendly tooling that does all the hard work for your team. 

With K2, your people can use drag and drop form builders to create the assets they need with little to no code. They simply choose the fields they want and build their forms using a logical, modular approach. There is very little technical expertise required. And absolutely no programming languages involved.

Of course, K2's user environment is ideal for developers too. Designed to save time, it supports rapid app development, which is ideal for addressing IT backlogs. It's also a smart choice for companies that want to optimize every process across the enterprise. 

How can K2 forms make your life easier?

K2 forms help to cut out unnecessary work. Instead of logging into and toggling between multiple systems to get your tasks done, you can work from one central location. This approach not only saves hours of your time, but also cuts the risk of human error. It's so easy to skip steps or make typos when you're juggling multiple documents and files for just one task. 

Creating a rich user experience for all your apps is also easier than you may think. You can use K2's off the shelf controls and themes. Why waste time coding these from scratch when you can just drag and drop?

Lastly, managing data is effortless with K2 forms. You can bring together data from a range of systems into forms that act as an interface for your workflows. These include your on-premises systems and your cloud systems. 

What can K2 forms do?

Thanks to K2, you can tick these actions off your list:

  • Collaborate with your team and automate internal processes from one location
  • Collect digital signatures online for contracts and on boarding processes 
  • Upload documents, photos and more 
  • Show or hide certain fields or pages 
  • Auto-assign data 

What happens if your forms are offline?

Typically, when you're offline, you're not able to work. K2 has a solution to this problem. There will be times when you're out in the field and your internet connectivity is up and down. Luckily, when you're working with a K2 form you can continue entering information when your form is offline. As soon as you are connected to the internet again, your data with automatically sync with back-end systems. So you're up and running quickly without worrying about lost work and wasted time. 

Optimize your business with K2 apps

More companies are using apps to streamline their business processes. By turning manual work into digital work, a lot of time and effort can be saved. With K2's app builder, which works in the same low-code environment as its form builder, you can easily create the apps you need to meet your unique business goals.

Removing unnecessary process steps and then automating your workloads helps to:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Optimize resources 
  • Gain more value from your human capital
  • And ultimately, help to control operational costs 

When executed well, leaner processes can unlock new revenue streams, enhance profitability and increase your competitive advantage. This helps you to future-proof your business in an environment where digitally-enabled new market entrants are a constant threat. 

Rapid app development

With the K2 platform, you also have access to app templates that make your life easier. These are ready to run and can be used just as they are. Alternatively, you can use parts of these apps as building blocks for other solutions. No matter the approach you choose, these K2 SmartStarters are designed for companies that want to transform their processes fast. 

These K2 app templates streamline everything from customer on boarding and invoice approval to complex process management and analysis.

Other common business processes covered include: 

  • Controlling user access to IT systems
  • Reviewing and approving corporate content like press releases and social media posts 
  • Managing training requests 
  • Tracking defects 
  • Handling expense claims  

Enhance the customer experience

Today's customers want better service, faster response times and greater value. Every time a customer interacts with your company, they expect you to respect their precious time and deal with them as efficiently as possible. They also expect you to deliver solutions that are consistent and high quality. 

Even if you are not developing forms and apps for customers to use, K2 can make a difference. How? By ensuring that everyone in the organization works efficiently, has access to the information they need, and is able to make intelligent decisions driven by the latest data. Every process that is optimized is a process that makes your organization perform better. And all of this enables you to offer your customers swift service and better value for their money when they're investing in your solutions. 

What about security?

Of course, forms go hand in hand with data. And wherever there's data, there's a risk that it may be used in a way that contravenes your company policies or the regulations that govern your industry.

Do you need to ensure that your technology choices align with your robust risk and compliance programs? This is not an issue you need to be concerned about when using the K2 platform. Built with security and governance at its core, K2 ensures you keep your data private and stay in the regulators' good graces. 

K2 has end-to-end security and compliance features that meet or exceed industry standards across the world. Importantly, your data is never mixed with another customer's data. Your platform is connected to a single identity provider. 

Data is:

  • Encrypted in transit 
  • Encrypted at rest 
  • Highly available 
  • DR capable
  • Never copied nor stored in the K2 environment

Be more agile

With K2 technology for building forms, apps, workflows and more, your organization can become a more productive and responsive business. This means you're an organization that can react fast when new opportunities are presented (faster than the competition). 

You will not be slowed down by legacy systems and outdated approaches to process management.  You will also not be held back by digital assets that take months to build, integrate and roll out. With the K2 platform, you have the ability to get everyone in your organization to contribute towards building better processes. The business units don't have to wait weeks or months for the solutions they need. Rather, they can work alongside IT to create the forms, apps, workflows, reports and other solutions they need to solve their business problems. 

Ready to work smarter?

In Easy-to-Build Workflows and Forms for Dummies, learn how to:

  • Use workflow and form automation to speed up business transformation
  • Build scalable apps, fast
  • Transform business process with ten key components 

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