Microsoft SharePoint Forms

Automate Microsoft SharePoint Forms to Drive Efficiency

Many organizations use a tool like Microsoft SharePoint forms to make sure crucial information is available to those that need it within the enterprise. But that only solves one part of the information flow equation. How can you make sure information is available to the people who need it, when they need it?

Manual business processes are often outdated, inefficient and inflexible — meaning that the forms paired with these processes end up suffering the same fate. K2's modern business applications enable users to seamlessly complete routine tasks involving Microsoft SharePoint forms whether in the office or in the field, across all departments. K2 apps streamline everything from customer onboarding and invoice approval to complex process management and analysis.

In Easy-to-Build Workflows and Forms for Dummies, learn how to:

  • Use workflow and form automation to speed up business transformation
  • Build scalable apps, fast
  • Transform business process with ten key components 

Learn more about rapidly building agile, future-proof business process apps that seamlessly integrate with Microsoft SharePoint forms, workflows and data in the e-book.