Drag And Drop Workflow

Drag-and-Drop Your Way to Workflow Automation Success

Businesses no longer need to be held back by outdated software and manual processes. Today, low-code business applications are streamlining processes so employees can work smarter, increase agility and accelerate business.

The K2 platform has four design canvases that are used to build apps to power your workflows -- graphical, drag-and-drop, wizard-driven experiences that allow you to rapidly build apps without custom code. These drag-and-drop tools make it easy for even non-technical users to build an application once and reuse any of its components across other applications and departments.

Other key features of our drag-and-drop platform include:

  • A centralized task management dashboard with views to all the workflows you are associated with in one interface
  • Third-party integration with common file-sharing services
  • The ability to contain any combination of human steps and system steps
  • Workflow auditing capabilities

Find out why K2 is used by more that 1.5 million users world-wide -- download our complimentary white paper, Top 10 Ways K2 Will Add Value to Your Business Today.