Drag And Drop Form Designer

Increase Efficiency by Using a Drag-and-Drop Form Designer

Manually creating and deploying electronic forms is time-consuming, inefficient and error-prone, but there is a better way. K2's drag-and-drop form designer eliminates the need for custom coding and does the heavy lifting for you.

Increasing agility and efficiency aren't the only benefits of building automated forms and workflows on K2's low-code platform. Low-code business applications enable companies to rapidly create and deploy forms and workflows customized to their unique business needs. And, contrary to traditional BPM options, low-code allows you to quickly update or revise processes at the same rapid pace of modernization and fluctuating customer expectations.

Easy-to-Build Workflows and Forms for Dummies is K2's introduction to:

  • The ten key components for successful business process transformation
  • Using workflow and form automation to drive process efficiency
  • How non-technical users can use a drag-and-drop form designer to create apps

Download the dummies e-book and get started.