Create Business Apps Faster with a Drag and Drop Form Builder

Digital forms — the electronic version of paper forms — save time and money because they cut down your printing and storage costs. Electronic forms also give you access to your information in any location, from any device. This fosters productivity across your business.

Improved data accuracy and quality are key benefits that electronic forms offer your organization. The information collected via these forms is both digital and structured. This means that your data can be easily organized, validated and stored.

This data is also easily accessible by anyone who has user rights. This enhances knowledge sharing and decision-making across your entire enterprise. With electronic forms, you can give the right people access to the right information at the right time.

Digital forms also speed up business processes to boost operational efficiency. Electronic forms can be filled out faster when the software that drives them includes automation capabilities. This technology can automatically format, calculate, find and validate information on behalf of the user. Plus, with the ability to collect digital signatures and send the forms to the relevant people by email or other means, approvals can be obtained much more quickly. This helps to speed up decision-making, which in turn supports internal controls, compliance and overall corporate governance. 

Why opt for a drag and drop form builder?

When you're building workflow apps, developing forms with coding is inefficient and time consuming. Human error can also erode the integrity of your data. Fortunately, there is an easier way.

With K2 technology, you can cut costs, save time and boost accuracy with a visual, drag and drop form builder. This user-friendly tooling does all the heavy lifting for you, making both form building and business process automation fast, flexible and scalable.

Non-technical business users — or citizen developers — can use a drag and drop form builder to create the forms they need. There are no coding skills required. Simply use the intuitive visual designer interface to select specific components (or fields) and rapidly build the forms you require. 

These forms meet your exact requirements. They can also be deployed very quickly across your organization, whether they need to reach along your supply chain or make the customer experience more efficient.  

Just think about all the forms that your business uses in your back office, business units and customer facing processes. Wouldn't all of these processes run much more seamlessly and efficiently if your forms were digitized? 

Benefits of using a K2 drag and drop form builder 

K2's SmartForms offer a browser-based designer that allows users to build electronic forms using a no-code, drag and drop form builder.

Having this tooling in your workflow software enables your organization to:

  • Rapidly build and deploy electronic forms
  • Ensure that these forms meet your specific business needs
  • Improve data accuracy, quality and accessibility
  • Build in logic, rules and validation checks
  • Re-use or re-purpose a form once it is developed for optimum efficiency
  • Work on any device — online or offline

More about K2 SmartForms 

These forms can be used to capture information on web forms, web applications and in SharePoint solutions. The tooling is easy-to-manage and highly flexible, providing an ideal entry point for collecting information and integrating this data into your automated processes.

With this technology, anyone in your organization with user rights can create mobile-ready, responsive forms that meet their specific business needs. These forms can then be re-used and deployed anywhere across your enterprise. 

SmartForms can also save time and increase accuracy by pulling in data from internal LOB and third-party systems. This is made possible by integrating with K2's patented SmartObjects. This feature allows you to capture data from multiple sources and combine it into one logical 'smart' entity. This entity can be reused across K2 applications, forms, reports and workflows.

Close the gap between I.T. resources and business needs

By using low code technology, your company can gain more value from your existing resources and human capital. 

Does the following challenge sound familiar? The people who use your business process applications do not have the technical abilities to develop these solutions themselves. To access the workflow apps they need, these users rely on colleagues (or partners) with the necessary technical skills, but no first-hand knowledge of the business. As a result, your business users have to make do with workflow software that is close enough, but not 100 precent fit for purpose.

Plus, as your business application needs grow, will you have the resources to develop all the solutions your organization needs? And will you be able to achieve this swiftly enough to stay ahead of the competition?

In the digital age, increased demand for I.T. resources and higher expectations are leading to I.T. backlogs. These are not only stifling I.T. functions, but also putting pressure on corporate performance. Low-code technology featuring drag and drop, visual design interfaces offers a solution to this problem. 

The low-code approach helps to bridge the I.T. skills gap that is growing in many markets around the world. For example, more than 500,000 new developers will be needed in the next ten years to meet demand in the United States alone. As demand for developers grows, these skills become more expensive to hire and retain. This, in turn, drives up the human capital cost of digital transformation.

With low-code technology, you can empower citizen developers within your organization to build the apps, forms, workflows and other digital solutions they require. There is only a need to pull in developers when a more complex solution is required. This helps you to reduce your I.T. bottlenecks and build a leaner I.T. department.  

At the same time, your business process apps will be custom designed by the people who use them. With everyone working collaboratively, you can speed up your digital transformation. 

Keep pace with the demands of the digital age

Technology is advancing at a rapid speed, as are customer expectations. In this environment, it’s important for your organization to be equipped with the necessary tools to digitize and update processes both efficiently and effectively.

Drag and drop form builders and visual app designers provide companies with an opportunity to put their digital transformation plans into action quickly and realize the benefits now rather than later. 

K2 takes the effort out of overhauling workflows and forms to remain competitive in the digital age. When more employees are empowered to build their own apps, workflows and forms, without depending too heavily on your I.T. team, you involve the entire organization in your digital transformation efforts. You’re also future-proofing your business with an agile and scalable workflow automation solution.

Pre-built apps: as smart as drag and drop

With K2’s SmartStarters, you can use out-of-the-box apps to streamline your processes even further. These apps are designed to automate common business processes, such as:

  • Requesting, modifying or removing employee access to your various I.T. systems
  • Distributing corporate communication content for review
  • Creating a framework for the submission of open job postings to expedite the hiring process
  • Providing an easy way for employees to submit ideas that can benefit the company
  • Requesting training, with timely routing for review and approval
  • Managing all I.T.-related service requests in your organization
  • Streamlining your press release approval process
  • Employee off-boarding 
  • Ensuring consistency and oversight of social media content by routing content for approval before publishing
  • Completing your employees’ requests for time off
  • Managing documents to reduce multiple version mistakes 
  • Allowing employees to submit change requests through an automated workflow
  • Automating the Capex request and approval process to reduce errors and improve transparency
  • Simplifying and speeding up your defect tracking process
  • Reviewing and approving expense claims more efficiently, via a multi-level review and approval cycle 

Using these and other ready-to-run K2 apps, you can work smarter and get business done faster.

Integrate with SharePoint forms in SharePoint workflow solutions

Did you know that you can host SmartForms within third-party solutions from Microsoft, SAP, Salesforce and more?

Microsoft SharePoint is a browser-based document and content management platform. It allows users across the business to work on the same documents, which reduces the risk of repeated work. It also enhances knowledge sharing. Groups can set up a centralized space for document sharing, which is password-protected for ultimate peace of mind.

To ensure your organization can harness the benefits of this solution in new and useful ways, the K2 platform delivers deep integration with SharePoint. This extends application abilities and increases agility. The integration between K2 and SharePoint allows you to build workflow applications and forms that span SharePoint sites and versions — on premises or in the cloud.

K2's cloud-based service that integrates seamlessly with your SharePoint Online environment. This solution provides your organization with all the tools you need to quickly build SharePoint and Office365 business process apps with workflow, forms and data integration.

With K2, you can use drag and drop designers to develop workflow apps that integrate with SharePoint. You can also easily build powerful forms to capture and display information in SharePoint. As mentioned, these components can be re-used across other applications, which means you only do the work once and let K2 take care of the rest. 

Plus, with K2's patented SmartObjects, you can capture data from multiple sources and combine it into one logical 'smart' entity that can be reused across K2 applications, forms, reports and workflows.

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